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McHuston: Books and Bites in Broken Arrow, OK

Two things always seem to call me to a place: Irish anything and books. Combine the two and you’ve got an AJ-shaped beacon- my own Batsignal. So when my Tulsa guide sent me a picture of the door of McHuston Booksellers, he did so knowing I would demand he show me where I could find this magical intersection of my interests.


Located in Broken Arrow’s Rose District down the street from Quizzy’s (which was our next stop), it’s a rare non-antique mall. Of course, that’s not to say the place is without its antiques. A good number of their books are used and some are antique or collectible. There were moments I wanted to cry a little from happiness browsing their selections. I believe I squeaked a lot. Indeed, perhaps most notably exciting to me was their vast collection of history books and the first edition Tolkien. (Tolkien!) In addition, the shopkeeper is happy to tell you about some of their more special pieces and the history of the store, something that is perhaps all too rare in the independent bookstore world these days.


Now, if you arrive before 2 pm, before you hit the stacks you really ought to hit the snacks (after all, you’re not supposed to shop hungry… it doesn’t matter if this isn’t a grocery store). And by “snacks,” I mean exquisite and inexpensive mostly Irish fare. Most of the menu is geared towards lunch but, make no mistake, you can get full on this delicious food. If you can pop in before they sell out, be sure to try their stew- it’s positively divine and made before the start of each day. So, if they run out, they’re out of it and you’re sadly out of luck. That’s not to say their other soups aren’t heavenly, because they are (especially the potato white cheddar), but the stew is something special. The sandwiches are out of this world good, too, and they are currently home to the best grilled cheese I’ve had in my life (Muenster, cheddar, provolone, and mayo on sourdough with added corned beef slices- yes please!). I could write about their food for day, but I’ve already made myself far too hungry.


This crazy crossover is really a destination unto itself.

McHuston Booksellers & Irish Bistro is located at 122 S Main Street in the Rose District of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They are open Monday through Friday 10 am-7 pm, Saturdays 10 am-5 pm, and are closed on Sundays. Lunch is served Monday through Saturday 11 am-2 pm. For more information, check out their website.


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