About AJ

Who is this odd and mysterious AJ?

AJ April 2015

Okay, so I’m not that mysterious.

I’m Annaleigh Josephs, but you can just call me AJ. I’m a freelance writer in my late twenties with a penchant for travel, a passion for crochet, a weakness for animals, ridiculous knowledge of booze, and a love of all things geeky. I grew up a Ringer in a family of Warsies but have since branched out to include much of the nerd world. I’m a devotee of 2nd ed AD&D (thief class, of course), recovering WoW addict (Beast Master hunter Nelf), and avid bibliophile. Other exploits include previous work for SciFi4Me.com, a national certification through the Society of Wine Educators (Certified Specialist of Spirits), and panel moderation/minionship for the excellent Planet Comicon. I also work Renaissance Festivals around the Midwest, am a burlesque performer, and am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Classical Languages from the University of Missouri. Yeah. I keep pretty busy.

If you’d like to follow my exploits, I post (though infrequently) over on Facebook. I’m much easier found on Twitter.