A Big Fat Greek Announcement

Hi everyone! Things are going to be a little different today because, in lieu of a Travel Tip Tuesday, I wanted to take a minute on this delightfully Springy Tuesday to share some big news I’ve been holding onto for a little while.


Greek Flag

Back in December, I had applied for a Study Abroad trip through my department here at Mizzou (my Greek teacher actually leads this every year). I had found out I was officially accepted back in January. There was one hitch, though. Last year, due to increased applications, the trip had been split into two groups. Due to personal obligations through my Renaissance Festival commitments, I would be unable to go should that not hold for this year as well.


Well, pieces have been moved into place and the second trip is happening! I can’t even begin to express my excitement. Unfortunately, this comes with its own new set of crazy issues. Most importantly is the funding for the trip.

Most importantly is the funding for the trip. The budget for the trip, airfare, meals, and passport included (and tuition, of course), is approximately $11,000. This is going to be quite the monumental task as I’m not exactly independently wealthy (nor wealthy in any sense of the word, I’m a student after all). So, as of today, I’m officially launching a fundraising page here on the site. I’ll use that page, rather than posts, to keep everyone updated as far as what goals have been met and what’s going on. So, please, check it out, feel free to share, and absolutely feel free to donate!

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