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Quizzy’s: A Trifecta of Awesome in Broken Arrow, OK

What if I told you there is a store which combines the awesomeness of a comic book memorabilia store with the unique treasure hunt of both a thrift store and an antique store? You would probably stare at me with the same disbelief with which I gave to my Tulsa guide about two months ago. Such a look would be unwarranted, though, as such a place truly exists in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Quizzy Nerdy Goodness

Quizzy’s (Comics, Collectibles, Toys, Video Games, and Other Nerdy Goodness), is jam-packed with collectibles from every fandom from DC and Marvel to Firefly and The Walking Dead. Notably, they had racks full of Funko POP! Figurines, walls covered in action figures, and several longboxes of comics. I hesitate to admit the amount of time I spent browsing their merchandise before I ever made it into the back room.

Quizzy Store Shot

Their back room hosts perhaps the most unusual part of their shop- a thrift store. Whereas the collectible shop seems to mesh well with an antiques store, a thrift store seems a touch out of the norm for such a place. However, it allows the owners to remove excess stock (as well as other goods) and help the community. In fact, I picked up a Jayne hat in the thrift store for only $1 because it was damaged. I consider that a win. Regardless of the oddness of the inclusion of such a room, it’s pretty wonderful and makes the store a veritable one-stop for bargain hunting geeks like me.

Quizzy Antique Store Shot

Completing the circuit, the antiques store side includes all of your typical antique stuff- including a few repurposed and refurbished items and homemade goods. It’s relatively small, especially given other such stores along the same street, but the space is well-utilized and the prices are reasonable. I realize many readers won’t consider this part of their store especially nerdy, but I beg to differ- history is just as nerdy when you can purchase it as when you have to look at it from behind a glass barrier.

Quizzy’s is located at 418 N Main St in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma (a suburb of Tulsa), and it is open Monday through Friday 10 am-7 pm, Saturdays 10 am-9 pm, and Sundays 12 pm-6pm. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for special deals before you go.


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