Behind the Scenes

Who else is behind the scenes? Well, right now, not exactly much goes on behind the scenes that’s not managed by AJ, but she’s not completely alone.


Gardners Outlet Canyon Han

Local guide to Tulsa and IT extraordinaire, he keeps things afloat and helps with all of the crazy technical stuff I don’t understand (yes, I do try turning it on and off again).


Amoretta Car

The pup. Okay, so she’s about to turn 6, but she’s still a puppy at heart. She’s my road trip companion and the one that keeps me awake with her snores.



The snuggly jerk. Sure, he looks cute, but his paws love to creep up while I’m typing away on my latest article. He’s the better cuddler of my babies and a good reason for me to come home.



The beat up Nissan I drive around the Midwest. Named after Oliver Queen, he was once a luxury vehicle but came to me in far worse shape. The mural on his hood is a result of my participation in GISHWHES 2015 (you can learn more about the scavenger hunt on their website).

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