An Update 4/26

Hey everyone! Things are getting a little crazy here. You see, I’ve got 2 weeks and 3 days until I have a big move (to a different state, no less) and, in that time, I’ve got my last two weeks of the semester and Finals week. This is going to include 3 research papers, an essay revision, a presentation, a quiz, and two finals. This is, of course, excluding other daily work. In addition to the workload, I have packing to finish up, a day job to work, and my Spring Faire run. This goes without mentioning my attempts at fundraising for my study abroad trip to Greece (you’re more than welcome to check out my fundraising page here).


So, as such, I have disappointing news. I’m going to be slacking off a little bit. Travel Tip Tuesday is going on hiatus until things settle down (I’m looking at May 17th or the 24th). Don’t worry, you’ll still have your Thursday post and the feature will be returning! In the meantime, why don’t you go check out past TTTs?


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