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Travel Tip Tuesday: Sports Ball Happens

This past fall was an important one for the city of Kansas City, Missouri. For the second time in two years, the local baseball team (the Kansas City Royals) was in the midst of a battle for the World Series win. They would go on to win for the second time in the history of the team (the only other win having occurred in 1985), much to the jubilation of the city. Unfortunately for me, this past fall marked the second time in two years I’d be driving in town to make it to the local Renaissance Festival.

For those unaware of the setup of the Kansas City sports complex, let me explain. Both Kauffman Stadium, where the Royals play, and Arrowhead where the Chiefs of the NFL play, are located off of Interstate 70- the main thoroughfare which bisects the town. If the game is about to start or has just let out, I70 is a literal traffic nightmare. And, if you’ve made it close enough to realize this is the case, it’s probably too late to take an alternate route. Thus one of the most avoidable travel problems I  have: sports ball happens.


Events Can Drive Up the Cost of Travel

Let’s imagine this scenario: you want to go visit your sister in San Francisco and are having to already plan around your convention schedule. You’ve decided this upcoming weekend would be perfect, but you can’t understand why tickets are so expensive in the first few weeks of February. It’s not like the Bay Area is especially warm this time of year. But then it hits you: that big football game. Right. Every fan from Denver and the Carolinas is trying to get out to California, plus anyone who just wants to witness the game. It’s kind of the San Diego Comic-Con for football fans, it doesn’t always matter about who will be there but just that it’s something to experience. So demand goes up for a limited supply. Basic economics tells you businesses are going to increase their prices. The same was obvious in Kansas City during the World Series. Hotel rooms were a hot commodity and hard to find.

Events Can Cause Delays

I got exceedingly lucky this year missing much of the traffic from the World Series, but other times I’ve not been so lucky. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve stressed out on my way to KCRF because there was a race at the Kansas Speedway I’d forgotten would be occurring. Heck, once I got stuck because of a high school football game letting out in a small town. I was at my destination a full hour after I’d been planning. And, being an impatient person, these delays cause me to stress out more than I should- often removing some more pleasant elements of traveling.

Kansas City Royals Parade

Avoiding Events Can Be Simple

Of course, the silliest aspect of this whole thing is that events can be avoided with very little work on the part of the traveller. Googling events calendars can be a huge help and most schools will post sports schedules as well. It’s just about adding it to your checklist alongside researching routes, hotels, or attractions. Five minutes of research can save you time, money, and stress. Regardless, even if you forget or you miss something, remember- sports ball happens.

Featured Image and Parade Route Image Credits Deena Crockett


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