Friday Links Roundup

Friday Links Roundup: Week 4

It’s my last Friday in the Muggle world. By that, I mean to say that my Renaissance Festival season starts this weekend with academies. So, before I get too caught up with paperwork and character building, how about some links from the week? (If you’d like to get involved with the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, head on over to the performer’s website at

Last week, I sent you to BookRiot’s list of the coziest Chicagoland bookstores. This week, the Sonic Typewriter Blog brought to my attention The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores.

To Be Read Stack

But, speaking of Book Riot, this week’s Literary Tourism column featured the beautiful city by the bay, San Francisco. It’s definitely on my bucket list now more than ever.

Also on my bucket list? A trip to the new gamer-centric hotel that just opened in Amsterdam. It’s a little out of my price range right now, unfortunately, but that may allow the hotel to finish expansions. Silver lining, right?

Perhaps Asia is more your speed. Well, fear not, because something extra geeky has popped up there, too. In fact, there’s now a Harry Potter themed cafe in Gyeongsang City (Korea). Personally, the Hogsmeade located in Florida is a far more likely vacation for me anytime soon, but at least now you know!

My favorite Voldemort.

My favorite Voldie (a fellow Rennie). 

Finally, if you’re a complete nerd for history and facts like I am, be sure to check out Atlas Obscura’s article about the first road trip or perhaps the Passport Index to see just how powerful your passport is when compared with others. Regardless, have a fantastic weekend, folks!

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