Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday: Preparing for an Emergency

This weekend has been a rough one for me. Without going into too much detail, a family emergency caused me to have to pack up and drive to Kansas City early Saturday morning and threw a few pieces of my contingency plan into the glaring spotlight of inadequacy. So, in an effort to spare any of my readers from the panic I had to face this weekend, here are some tips to help you prepare to leave town unexpectedly.

Know Your Priorities

For me, it’s making sure my animals are taken care of and shifts at work are covered. Thankfully, the latter is an easy one. Having two animals is certainly not easy when it comes to finding an impromptu caregiver, especially at 8 am, but I was able to secure something this time at short notice. Some people may have to worry about children or other such schedules. Knowing what’s important to you can help you to make needed phone calls before you leave town without added stress (especially if you are already stressed out).

Have a Backup Plan

The hitch for me this time was the absence of my usual kitty-carers as they were also heading to KC. In addition, as it was so early in the morning, I was unable to reach my favorite dog sitter. No matter, I had a backup plan in place with a fabulous former roommate who covered me until my people got back to Mid-Missouri! If you have a list of 3 people to help you manage your in-town priorities, you’re much less likely to strike out when things go sideways than if you only have one.

Have a Bag Packed

Trust me, trying to come up with a pack when you’re stressed and rushing is one of the hardest things. I ended up grabbing my hamper this time because of my ill preparation. Once I’m able to, I already have a plan of attack for an emergency pack. This pack is going to have enough clothing to get me through at least 3 days with a few extra pairs of socks and a separate toiletry bag and phone charger.

Have a Must-Pack List

If you had ten minutes to pack, would you remember to grab everything important? I certainly didn’t. I remembered my backpack but left a crucial book to my studies sitting on my desk. I also forgot shampoo and anything else to tame my hair. If I had a list ready to consult, I would have likely done much better. Since the panic-stricken morning, I’ve added a “Must-Pack” list to my phone (I highly suggest the Google Keep app).

Keep Yourself Organized

One of the nicest things about my impromptu session was the unlikely event of my own organization. Indeed, most of my toiletries had remained organized into a small must-take bag which was my savior (deodorant, perfume, toothbrush, etc). If you’re moderately organized, you’re more likely to notice things you’re forgetting. If all of your school books are in the same place, for example, you’re not going to leave one behind (take note, self!).

Hopefully you never find yourself having to travel at last minute, but, if you do, hopefully these tips help.

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