Friday Links Roundup

Friday Links Roundup: Week 7

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the weather is treating you as well as it is here in the Midwest (when the temperatures drop again, it’s going to be miserable, of course). As well, I hope you’re taking advantage of it and enjoying a hike or perhaps an impromptu road trip. Regardless, here’s some fun links to get you through the next few days.

If you’re feeling like a good road trip, maybe some ancient inspiration will help you out. Atlas Obscura posted this fantastic article about the Tabula Peutingeriana, an ancient Roman map.

Of course, if you’d rather think about futuristic places instead of the ancient world, be sure to check out these amazing retro-style posters from NASA. I’m wondering how they’d look as prints in my office….

Alternately, if you want to come back down to Earth, the New York Times has collected 52 Places to Go in 2016 from the suggestions of readers.

If that feels a little broad, how about checking out some of these library bars? The list is, by no means, complete, but it’s a good start and may alert you to a library bar you didn’t realize was in your own city.

But perhaps you’re interested in creating a library of your own, why not pay a visit to the bookstore whose very influence on the bibliophile world is larger than its tiny confines? Being a member of their Year in Books program has officially been added to my bucket list.

And something else has made my week a good one. Oh my!

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