Friday Links Roundup

Friday Links Roundup: Weeks 8/9

Happy Exelauno Day everyone! For those of you not familiar with bad Ancient Greek puns, “exelauno” is a translation of the word meaning to march forth. Yup. I went there. Anyways. As promised last week, here’s the double FLR!

First up, BookRiot has not TWO new articles in their Literary Tourism series. Be sure to check out their features on Puerto Rico and Montreal.

If you’re like me, you’re interested in the technology of travel. Well, one of the most interesting debates of late has been how electric cars would work in our gas-station oriented society. As it turns out, the infrastructure may already be in place for an electric takeover.

Of course, if you’ve got the power to travel cross-country, perhaps you need the tunes, too. Oddly enough, something that mirrors traditional radio seems to be one of hte best options on the market. And that’s what SiriusXM wants: to stay on top in the world of a million apps. (To interject my own opinion here, I LOVED having Sirius XM…it works in places your smartphone won’t have enough data and their customer service is excellent!)

If you end up driving in Virginia, be sure to make a quick detour to Warp Drive, arguably the best street name in the United States.

While you’re in the space exploration mood from your detour, you can always check out the gorgeous pictures of our own planet¬†from astronaut extraordinaire Scott Kelly’s time on the ISS.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little more productive with your use of space- like Sarah Parcak, the woman who is using satellites to further her research in the field of archaeology.

Finally, if you’re looking to be a little closer to home, you can enjoy the newest announcements from the Planet Comicon page…

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