Travel Tip Tuesday

Travel Tip Tuesday: Romancing the Traveller

With all of the hearts and pink in retail stores, you might think someone had captured Cupid and made him loose his arrows across the land. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but your traveller might be. Regardless, these tips should help you woo your traveller any day of the year.

The Perfect Date

Every traveller is going to be a little different in regards to what the “perfect date” means to them. Personally, one I’ve always dreamed of is for my partner to have me get in the car and for us to just go- bags already packed and on whatever adventure is in store (planned or unplanned).

Get in the car!

Get in the car!

Your traveller might be a little less spontaneous, though, and would find this stressful. If so, why not plan ahead a “date” where you take a small trip? In truth, travelling never has to be far. A new, unexplored place is at the heart of travel. If there’s someplace they’ve been dying to go, take them out there! For example, of all of my exploration of my home state, I’ve never been to the City Museum in St. Louis. It’s two hours away from me, so it’d be a great day trip.

The Perfect Gift

On Friday, I directed everyone to the perfect article for Valentine’s gifts on a budget, but this is just a start. A good atlas is a go-to for the road traveller. I’ve got a giant one I bought as a present for myself. I’ve also been lovingly gifted a travel journal (Moleskin still has it available here). You can also follow the creative route and frame photos they’ve gathered on their journeys.


I’ve had my personal favorite crafty idea saved on Pinterest for a while now. Cut, Craft, Create made a beautiful photo map for her husband for their anniversary. Of course, if your traveller hates clutter, organization tools are always a win (especially if they’ll make their travelling easier… think along the lines of roll and go toiletry bags). If you’ve got a traveller that loves to camp, check out this list of great gadgets for the tent-dweller. As cliche as this sounds, the possibilities are endless.

Movies That’ll Speak to their Heart

If your date night is going to be spent in a low-key manner, you can always go the always enjoy the classic dinner and a movie route. Here’s my personal suggestions to let your traveller live vicariously through the screen.

The Decoy Bride

Kelly Macdonald, Alice Eve, and David Tennant star in this goofy romantic comedy. Local wanderluster Katie is hired to help in a scheme to misdirect the paparazzi on the wedding day of a major Hollywood star. Hijinks ensue, of course. You traveller will likely empathize with the plight of Katie, and her dying mother, stuck on this tiny (fictional) Scottish island.

Roman Holiday

It’s a classic. Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, how can you go wrong? The Italian setting allows even the most stagnant mind to escape the doldrum.


Before I go into this one- it’s not romantic. It’s a very far cry from it. But it is fabulous. This is a great one for your hiker. Based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir of her time on the Pacific Crest Trail, Reese Witherspoon earned her Oscar nomination for this one. It’s raw and rare, honest, and wonderful.

National Lampoon’s ___ Vacation

Choose your favorite here. I’m a big fan of Family Vacation. They’re silly and a great thing to just relax and enjoy- forget about your world for a bit. Why not include them on movie night?

Romeo Bathroom Phoenix Juliet Bathroom Phoenix

Of course, the most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t take a holiday to remember why this person is in your life. If you always keep them in your mind, silly holidays like Valentine’s Day will come easy.


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  1. I love your date idea. I’ll be passing that along to the husband, or doing myself for the both of us. I’m also a fan of fully-immersive staycations too! Excuse me while I go find Roman Holiday on netflix….

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