Friday Links Roundup

Friday Links Roundup: Week 1.5

Today marks Day 8 of Geek Odyssey and I figured it was the time share some cool stuff I’ve found this week.

To start things off… Hedwig made an appearance in Montréal.

I know these two are older than this week, but I quite literally just found them in the past couple of days.

If you’re needing inspiration for places to visit, how about these 12 Magical Scottish Places All “Harry Potter” Fans Must Visit? Or, perhaps Star Wars Planets and Places You Can Actually Visit?

But, if you’re planning really far ahead, Condé Nast Traveler is predicting Outer Space Will Be 2030’s Hottest Travel Destination (only figuratively, of course).

Travelling by plane? Be sure to leave your Batarangs at home lest the TSA confiscate them, or your ninja stars. For fun (or terrifying yourself on the number of firearms people still tried to bring on flights), check out All the Weird Things the TSA Confiscated Over the Holidays. (Pro tip: if you’re cosplaying, mail it ahead of you. Don’t expect even prop weapons to be allowed on a plane. Or simply drive to a con. You’re less likely to suffer a major disappointment if your bag goes missing.)

Were you thinking of visiting something more like a festival? Well, Frommer’s has listed Louisiana’s Best Festivals (Beyond Mardi Gras) and the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond made the list.

Jody at LARFKimberly at LARF

I’ve personally not been to LARF, but several good friends of mine adore it. As a bonus, it marks the end of the Renaissance festival season here in the United States, so it’s really like going out with a bang.

Also important in the travel world, especially if you’re like me, here’s the list of Free Entry Days for US National Parks in 2016.

Finally, let’s all be like BB-8 this year. Go out, explore the world. Have fun.

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