2016: A Geek Odyssey

2016. It’s going to be a year of changes for me, so I’m starting with the most daring one of all: the beginning of this site.

You know what’d be cliche? If I started this all out with some sort of dictionary definition of “Odyssey.” So, I’m not going to be cliche, but I am going to explain a few things.

This is Geek Odyssey. Geek Odyssey is my attempt at filling a void in this world of geekdom, crossing the streams of two specific interests to create a utility for people like me. People who love to travel, but aren’t the typical tourist. Those of us that want to know where the best museums are in a city, where the nerd-friendly coffee shop is located (and if their roasts are any good), what stores would be a shame to miss. It’s all out there- little havens hidden in every city, places where Browncoats rub elbows with Trekkies and dice gets thrown in Pathfinder and D&D alike.

Phoenix Tulsa Counter

So what will be featured here? Quite frankly, everything. Conventions and special events, unique stores, specialty bookstores, cosplay resources, even restaurants. My goal is to create a resource. Call it a travel guide, if you will, but along the lines of the Hitchhiker’s Guide, something living and fluid. Maybe I’ll highlight some places in your hometown that you never knew existed, or I’ll give you a new destination for your next family vacay. Perhaps, even, I’ll be able to provide you with some sort of idea of where to go when you’re stuck somewhere that’s not your scene for business. Hopefully, at very least, I’ll entertain you.

So, a little background. As of right now, I’m based out of Columbia, Missouri (it’s about halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis), but I travel frequently to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Kansas City (which, yes, is in Missouri primarily). So, you’re going to see a lot of Midwest locations at first. My goal, every time I leave my home, is to find at least one new place to write about. As such, I’ve collected a few for you all already. I’ve also had the good fortune to head out to a few further out locations and collect some cool stories from places there, but they won’t be as frequent at first. However, I promise, the Midwest isn’t quite as lame as it seems to most outsiders.

Memorial Union MU

Other than my location, who am I? Well, some of you may already know me from other exploits, but I’m Annaleigh Josephs. You can just call me AJ. For a little more background on my crazy self, head on over to the appropriate about page. There’ll be a nice one about the site up fairly soon as well.

Of course, I am also wide open for suggestions regarding places I should visit. Most of the places I’ve had the luck to find so far is at the mercy of local friends or pure chance. Know of someplace I need to go? Hit me up on social media!

Over the next few weeks, there will be some changes made to the overall appearance of the site as I tweak things to my liking, so please excuse the mess. I do hope you find something you enjoy and keep coming back to visit, though. Actual content should be starting next week, so please swing back by! You can also follow me on Facebook, or @GeekOdyssey on Twitter for updates.

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